Easy Chicken Recipes

Enjoy the versatility of chicken with our recipes. From crispy fried chicken to aromatic curries and tender grilled dishes, unlock a world of flavours to satisfy the whole family. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned chef, our chicken recipes are for you.

Cooking With Chicken

Cooking With Chicken

Maximize Versatility with Different Cuts of Chicken

As the need for reduced food waste becomes more and more integral, foods that offer versatility and recipe opportunities are ideal. The humble chicken sits at the heart of many cuisines, dishes, and can be cooked in a range of ways. Explore the diverse cuts of chicken to elevate your culinary creations:
  • Whole Chicken: Whole chickens allow for a range of cooking methods. Roasting a whole chicken can result in a juicy and flavorful centerpiece for a family meal. It can also be cut into portions for grilling, braising, or baking.
  • Chicken Breast: Chicken breasts are lean and tender cuts of meat. They are popular for quick and easy meals, such as grilling, pan-frying, or baking and can be used in salads, stir-fries, sandwiches, or as the main protein in a range of dishes.
  • Chicken Thighs: Chicken thighs are slightly fattier and more flavorful compared to chicken breasts. They are excellent for dishes that benefit from longer cooking times, such as stews, curries, or slow-cooked meals and can be cooked with the bone in or boneless, skin-on or skinless.
  • Chicken Drumsticks: Drumsticks are flavorful and versatile. They are great for barbecuing, baking, or frying. The meat remains moist and tender, making them a favorite choice for casual gatherings and finger-food options.
  • Chicken Wings: Chicken wings are a popular choice for appetizers, game-day snacks, or finger-licking treats. They can be baked, grilled, or deep-fried and are often enjoyed with a variety of sauces or marinades.
  • Chicken Mince: Chicken mince, is a budget-friendly option and can be used in a wide range of dishes. It can be formed into meatballs, patties, or used in recipes like burgers, meatloaf, or stuffed peppers.
Explore the world of chicken cuts and unlock endless culinary possibilities while minimizing food waste. Discover new recipes and make the most of every part of the chicken.

Fly Around The World With These Chicken Dishes

Not only is chicken a versatile ingredient in Western cooking, but cuisines around the world crown this source of protein with herbs, spices, flavors, and combos that bring their traditional cuisines to life. Explore the globe through these well-known chicken dishes that should definitely be on your recipe bucket list:
Butter Chicken (India): Indulge in the creamy and flavorful Indian dish featuring marinated chicken cooked in a spiced tomato-based sauce. It's often served with naan bread or rice.
Chicken Parmigiana (Italy): Savor the classic Italian delight consisting of breaded and fried chicken cutlets, topped with tomato sauce, melted cheese (typically mozzarella), and often served with pasta.
Coq au Vin (France): Transport your taste buds to France with this traditional dish where chicken is braised in red wine, typically with mushrooms, onions, and bacon, resulting in a rich and hearty stew-like meal.
Chicken Shawarma (Middle East): Experience the Middle Eastern flavors with marinated chicken roasted on a vertical spit, sliced thinly, and served in a wrap or pita bread with various toppings and sauces.
Chicken Satay (Southeast Asia): Enjoy a popular Southeast Asian delicacy of skewered and grilled chicken served with a flavorful peanut sauce, often accompanied by a cucumber and onion relish.
Chicken Tikka Masala (United Kingdom): Delight in this creamy and tomato-based dish with grilled chicken chunks, which, while debated in its origins, has become an iconic dish in British cuisine.
Chicken Adobo (Philippines): Taste the staple Filipino dish where chicken is simmered in a tangy and savory sauce made with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and spices.
Chicken Fajitas (Mexico): Satisfy your Tex-Mex cravings with chicken fajitas, consisting of grilled or sautéed chicken strips served with tortillas and an assortment of toppings like bell peppers, onions, salsa, and guacamole.
Southern Fried Chicken (United States): Relish in the beloved American classic featuring chicken pieces coated in seasoned flour and deep-fried to crispy perfection. It's often served with sides like mashed potatoes and coleslaw.
Explore the world's culinary diversity with these tantalizing chicken dishes, each offering a unique blend of flavors and traditions. You'll abso-clucking-lutely love this global chicken journey!

Chicken Recipes: FAQs

How do you crumb chicken?

The simplest way to crumb chicken is to first coat your piece of chicken in flour, dip it into beaten eggs and then generously coat it in breadcrumbs, herbs and spices of your choice. Then bake your chicken to perfection!

Is chicken a good source of protein?

Yes, chicken is a great source of protein. chicken breast, in particular, is known for its high protein content and relatively low fat content, making it a popular choice for those seeking a lean source of protein. In addition to protein, chicken also provides essential nutrients like vitamins B6 and B12, selenium, and phosphorus. An ideal meat to incorporate into a balanced diet

How do you butterfly a chicken breast?

Using a sharp knife, cut horizontally through the thickest part of the breast, about halfway through the thickness. Be careful to not cut all the way through; you want to create a pocket. Open the chicken breast like a book, folding it open along the cut you made. It should resemble the shape of a butterfly's wings.
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Save money and time on your meals
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