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Vegetarian Meal Plan: Plant-based and Vegetarian Food Delivered To Your Home!

Vegetarian Meal Plan: Plant-based and Vegetarian Food Delivered To Your Home!

Want to cut back on meat? Order our HelloFresh vegetarian meal delivery and eat a delicious plant-free menu. Get the best veggies and pulses for a plant-based diet delivered to your door!

Want to cut back on meat? Order our HelloFresh vegetarian meal delivery and eat a delicious plant-free menu. Get the best veggies and pulses for a plant-based diet delivered to your door!

Get up to $130 off!

How do our HelloFresh vegetarian meal kits work?

1. You begin by choosing 3-6 vegetarian recipes per week for two or four people. 2. Once you select your plan, volume, and recipes, you can set your frequency of delivery whether you are looking for daily deliveries or bi-weekly vegetarian meal delivery. 3. After that, we'll send you a vegetarian meal delivery full of fresh, seasonal veggies and recipe cards. All of these recipes feature simple, step-by-step instructions on how to build the perfect vegetarian meal, and have the added bonus of leading to deliciously tasty meals! Once you finish, you'll realize that a HelloFresh subscription filled with veggie meals is the key to a healthier lifestyle.

HelloFresh vegetarian meal delivery makes it easy to accommodate your lifestyle and explore new, diverse, and fresh-tasting vegetarian recipes. We offer vegetarian meal kits across Australia as well as a wide array of meal kit plans for you to choose from.
We have a meal plan for everyone and are committed to providing Australians with fresh tasting food, regardless of their location or dietary restrictions and preferences. Our vegetarian meal plans are designed for your convenience, wallet, and taste buds.

Vegetarian Meal Plan: Make Being Vegetarian Easy

Eating vegetarian meals doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a vegetarian weekly meal plan, you can remove fish or even meat by-products from your weekly menu while also making recipe selection and meal preparation easy. HelloFresh vegetarian meal plans focus on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains which help lead to a higher intake of dietary fiber and reduced intake of saturated fat. Make becoming vegetarian an efficient and delicious process with HelloFresh vegetarian meals which offer high quality vegetarian dinner recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Eat good food that’s vegetarian with half the time and half the cost. HelloFresh offers an easy meal plan plant-based eaters will love. Our vegetarian weekly meal plan brings vegetarian meals delivered to your doorsteps ready for you to put together and bring to the table. Get all the taste without the cost and time with HelloFresh’s delicious vegetarian menu.

Vegetarian Weekly Meal Plan: Get Vegetarian Food Delivered

Starting and maintaining a vegetarian diet can be overwhelming and time-consuming when it comes to sourcing tasty vegetarian recipes and fresh ingredients. After all, finding exact ingredients that don’t have traces of meat or meat by-products is a tedious exercise, and the ingredients that are plant-based are often marked up in price. Meal planning benefits many food lovers, but vegetarian meal planning continues to be a challenge for those looking to eat vegetarian food that is affordable and tastes good. Eating good vegetarian food that doesn’t cost you time and money may feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to.

With a HelloFresh vegetarian meal plan, you can get fresh, delicious vegetarian meals delivered to your doorstep. Our vegetarian meal plan allows you to pick a plant-based or vegetarian kit and get it delivered with fresh ingredients, in the exact amount you need.

Why you will love our vegetarian meal plan

  • Easy meal plan for vegetarians

    Easy meal plan for vegetarians

    HelloFresh offers easy meal plans for vegetarians that come with easy-to-follow recipe cards that identify every step of the cooking process so you can cook chef-quality meals from the comfort of your kitchen.

  • Vegetarian meals online

    Vegetarian meals online

    With HelloFresh meal kits delivery, users can discover new vegetarian meals online whether they are living a vegetarian lifestyle or are looking to dabble in a new, healthy new way of eating.

  • Good and fresh vegetarian food

    Good and fresh vegetarian food

    HelloFresh’s good and fresh vegetarian food boxes come packed with locally sourced ingredients that are pre-portioned in sustainable packaging to help you keep a healthy and less wasteful lifestyle.

Easy Vegetarian Meals: Get Healthy Vegetarian Meals Delivered

A vegetarian meal delivery or plant-based meal subscription service isn’t for vegetarians alone. Vegetarian meal delivery is a solution for vegetarians and eaters of all kinds looking to keep a healthy lifestyle, or even just experience a different way of eating. With HelloFresh, users can explore vegetarian recipes of all types in different cuisines and diet styles with its meal plans ranging from plant-based to vegetarian to calorie-smart. Even if you choose a meat-lovers or family plan, you can still select specific vegetarian recipes that spike your interest. Your meal kit can be anything you want it to be.

HelloFresh makes it easy to select specific recipes, eliminate ingredients you are allergic to or don’t enjoy, and switch your meal plan at any time. No matter what plan you start with, you can change to vegetarian meal delivery or a plant-based meal subscription whenever you want. HelloFresh makes it easy to try out delicious, fresh-tasting vegetarian recipes by delivering them right to your doorstep.


Learn More About Our Vegetarian Meal Plans

What kind of recipes can I expect in my vegetarian meal plan?

Our culinary team curates hundreds of tasty vegetarian recipes from around the world—each one put together with the same attention to detail as our other recipes. Whether it’s a taste of the exotic or a tried and tested family favorite, HelloFresh delivers the best vegetarian meal delivery plans each week.

Are HelloFresh vegetarian recipes easy to cook?

Even if you’re new to the kitchen, our vegetarian menu plan has got you covered. Included in our easy vegetarian meal plans, each meal box contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to cook your favorite meals. All you need to get started is a little oil and seasoning to go with a few basic pieces of kitchen equipment.

Where do you source the ingredients for the vegetarian weekly meal plan?

Our 7 day vegetarian meal plan includes high-quality ingredients from local producers wherever possible. We are always looking to improve sustainability, and our team is constantly sourcing the very best vegetables, beans, and pulses for our vegetarian recipes.

Can I alter the delivery times of my vegetarian meal plan?

The vegetarian recipe box is made for flexible lifestyles, so if any point you need to change your delivery times then simply let us know. You can also skip a week when you head out on vacation and we’ll resume your vegetarian meal delivery when you return home.

What if I’m not home to receive my veggie box subscription?

Our veggie box subscription is made for flexible lifestyles, so if any point you need to change your delivery times then simply let us know. You can also skip a week whenever you need to and we’ll resume your delivery when you return home.

Can I cancel my vegetarian meal subscription box?

If for any reason you need to cancel your vegetarian meal delivery, then we’ve made that simple too. Simply head over to your online account and click the “Cancel My Subscription” button. If at any time you want to start receiving deliveries again, simply click the “Reactivate Now” button.

How to plan vegetarian meals?

Meal planning for the week can be difficult for everyone, let alone people trying to focus on plant-based meals. Our vegetarian meal plans help take away the stress of cooking and, instead, injects it with fun. You can find your love for cooking again with our vegetarian recipes delivered straight to your door, with everything included to make a tasty vegetarian meal without the fuss. Explore our vegetarian meal plans today and get started.

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Perfect for busy lives
HelloFresh has made my life so much easier. We have not had one meal that we have not enjoyed. The recipes are easy to follow and we have a meal on the the table within about half an hour. Perfect for busy people.
Top quality of ingredients
HelloFresh is always extremely consistent in quality with good delivery. The food is consistently of good quality. Recipes are excellent and teach me simple ways to do cooking differently. There is good variety in each menu to enable me to make my choices
Super convenient
Hello Fresh is a great way to find new family recipes. It gives you fresh ideas for meals instead of cooking the same meals over and over. I also like not having to think of what to cook or what to buy, it’s all there.
Great for families
Being a mum of 2 children, HelloFresh makes cooking dinner so simple. Not having to organise dinner every night. Such a wide range of healthy recipes. My family loves it!