The #1 meal kit delivery service

The #1 meal kit delivery service

Skip the grocery store and the takeout. Get meal kits delivered and cook meals at home without the hassle!

Skip the grocery store and the takeout. Get meal kits delivered and cook meals at home without the hassle!

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What are meal kits? How do meal kits work? Are meal kits worth it?

Curious about meal kits? You’ve come to the right place! Our meal kits provide pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes so you can prepare chef-crafted meals from the comfort of your own kitchens. Subscribers can customize their meal plan settings based on dietary preference and desired number of meals. HelloFresh is #1 for every household, appetite, and schedule for a reason!

Home delivery meal kits for an effortless dinnertime

Meal kits have become increasingly popular as an easy alternative to grocery shopping that takes the guesswork out of meal planning. They’re affordable, convenient, and offer the opportunity to make delicious, restaurant-worthy meals right in your own home.
At the end of the day, meal kits not only feed people but also teach them how to cook with confidence, so that maneuvering in the kitchen becomes second nature.
They allow you to spend less time worrying, planning, cooking, and cleaning, and devote more quality time to your loved ones.
For the environmentally conscious, you can also feel good because pre-measured ingredients help prevent food waste.
As a bonus, having boxes delivered directly to your door saves time and trips to the grocery store.
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The meal kit to get creative in the kitchen with no effort

Our weekly meal kit puts you in control of what goes onto your plate — so you can get creative in the kitchen and feel inspired each and every dinner time. Featuring recipes from around the world alongside a bunch of family favorites, you’ll find plenty of tasty choices suitable for everyone.
Most of us crave delicious meals that are fun to prepare and fuel us with energy throughout the day, but often it's hard to take the first step.
Our meal kit delivery services are designed to help you get out of your rut and into the world of culinary variety and delicious simplicity.

Meal kits also come in handy when it comes to meal planning and meal prepping.

  • Meal planning requires big-picture thinking about what to cook over the course of the week.
  • Meal prepping, on the other hand, involves gathering ingredients and tools ahead of time to get food on the table faster.

    HelloFresh meal kits make both of those tasks easy and convenient because we’ve solved the age-old question: What do I want for dinner? and the follow-up, Do I have everything I need? with one service. Welcome to a world where dinner is always planned, simple, and delicious.
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How do HelloFresh meal kits work?

So, how do meal kits work? Whether you plan on cooking for yourself or an entire household, HelloFresh has a flexible plan to perfectly match your lifestyle.

Curious about pricing? Meal plan pricing varies based on the number of people in your household and the number of recipes you receive per week. For our 2-person plan, meals start at $10.99 per serving for 3, 4, and 5 meals a week. For our 4-person plan, meals start at a reduced price of $9.99 per serving for 3, 4 or 5 meals a week.

Once you’ve chosen your meal plan and weekly recipes, you’ll choose a delivery day that works best for you. Each week on that day, your HelloFresh box will be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep! The day before your delivery, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your delicious meals are on their way.

In addition to perfectly portioned ingredients in your box, you’ll receive corresponding recipe cards with clear and simple instructions, plus expert tips and tricks to help you whip up delectable dinners with ease. On the photo-guided recipe cards—which also exist digitally on the website, in case you misplace yours—you’ll also find nutritional and allergy information. Be sure to save your favorite recipe cards to easily recreate those meals in the future!
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Why you'll love HelloFresh meal kits

  • Save some serious money and time on your meals

    Save some serious money and time on your meals

    Compared to grocery chains, takeout restaurants, and other meal kits, HelloFresh is an incredible value because we save you serious money. Not only that, we save you time with planning, cooking, cleaning, and fewer trips to the grocery store. If that's not enough, HelloFresh also has the most 5-star reviews of any meal kit (that’s over 10,000 perfect reviews from happy customers!).

  • Discover new flavours and cuisines

    Discover new flavours and cuisines

    With HelloFresh, cooking is an easy and enjoyable experience thanks to photo-guided, step-by-step instructions peppered with handy tips and tricks. HelloFresh’s weekly meals are also designed by professional chefs and nutrition experts. Along with delicious dinners, we offer a wide variety of meal additions, such as quick lunches, tasty appetizers, desserts, and more.

  • Environmentally-friendly meal delivery service

    Environmentally-friendly meal delivery service

    Our seasonally focused ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness so they’re bursting with flavor. Plus, they’re perfectly portioned to create less food waste than retail grocery stores (and less prep for you). Our focus on the environment doesn’t stop there; the packaging we use to ship your food is made almost entirely from recyclable and/or already recycled content. On top of this, HelloFresh is also the first global carbon neutral meal kit company!

Are meal kits sustainable?

If you’re looking to reduce food waste, look no further than HelloFresh. Meal kits are a great solution, and it’s especially easy being green with us. We ship just the right amount of everything — AKA only the ingredients you’ll need to cook our delicious meals — to significantly reduce food waste. HelloFresh creates less food waste than retail grocery stores. Plus, our food gets to you faster than buying at the grocery store, thanks to our integrated supply chain. Providing high-quality ingredients means nothing needlessly ends up in the garbage.

HelloFresh is also committed to sending fresh, high-quality, safe ingredients with minimal packaging. HelloFresh’s packaging team is constantly testing new materials to make sure we’re meeting our sustainability goals. For instance, we ship your meals in packaging that is almost all recyclable, already recycled, or both. Our cardboard box is a mix of recycled and virgin fibers, so you can simply fold it and discard with other household recyclables. Our paper kit bags are recyclable and compostable, and the cardboard separator is 100% approved for curbside recycling. You can also empty the contents of our ice packs into the trash, then recycle the #4 plastic packs.
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Learn More About Our Meal Kit Delivery

What does my weekly meal kit delivery contain?

In each and every HelloFresh meal delivery kits you’ll find tasty, pre-measured ingredients and your step-by-step recipe cards for the week. Each of our recipe cards includes all the information you need to cook up a storm, plus useful nutritional and allergy advice to ensure you know exactly what’s going into your meals.

Will my meal delivery kits feed my whole family?

Every week, HelloFresh rotates its selection of recipes so that you have plenty of variety in your diet and you never get bored. We include recipes from around the world alongside some of those time-tested family favorites to ensure everyone is happy at dinner time. Don’t like the look of a particular meal? You can skip it for another yummy meal!

Do I have to have a meal kit delivery every week?

No need! HelloFresh has the best meal kit delivery service in Australia because it offers a totally flexible subscription, so you're in control. You can pause deliveries, change your box size and delivery address, and set your preferences any time from your computer, tablet or through your HelloFresh app.

How many people does a weekly meal delivery serve?

You can have a meal kit subscription for between 2-4 people 3-5 nights a week. You can create your perfect box for wholesome, delicious dinners. Our home delivery meal kits include a huge variety of recipes and cuisines, so your meals will never be boring again!

Can I cancel my meal kit subscription?

If at any time you need to cancel your food subscription, we’ve made it process quick and simple. There are no long contracts and you are free to end your meal plan delivery whenever you want. Moreover, moving your food box delivery to a more suitable time is simple - just get in touch and let us know the best time and day to drop off your box. If we can’t agree on a suitable time, we’re also happy to drop your box in a safe and convenient location for you to collect later.

What happens to my weekly meal delivery if I go on vacation?

If you’re heading out on vacation, then HelloFresh has got you covered. You can easily skip your weekly food box delivery and it will resume on your return. Simply let us know which dates you will be away and we won’t deliver during that period.

What our customers say:

Most 5-stars Reviews
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Perfect for busy lives
HelloFresh has made my life so much easier. We have not had one meal that we have not enjoyed. The recipes are easy to follow and we have a meal on the the table within about half an hour. Perfect for busy people.
Top quality of ingredients
HelloFresh is always extremely consistent in quality with good delivery. The food is consistently of good quality. Recipes are excellent and teach me simple ways to do cooking differently. There is good variety in each menu to enable me to make my choices
Super convenient
Hello Fresh is a great way to find new family recipes. It gives you fresh ideas for meals instead of cooking the same meals over and over. I also like not having to think of what to cook or what to buy, it’s all there.
Great for families
Being a mum of 2 children, HelloFresh makes cooking dinner so simple. Not having to organise dinner every night. Such a wide range of healthy recipes. My family loves it!

Get Started with Australia's #1 Meal Kit

Get Started with Australia's #1 Meal Kit

We hope we’ve answered your meal kit questions, and that you’re excited to give HelloFresh a try. You’re now equipped with all of the information you need to create and customize your perfect personalized plan. Happy cooking!

We hope we’ve answered your meal kit questions, and that you’re excited to give HelloFresh a try. You’re now equipped with all of the information you need to create and customize your perfect personalized plan. Happy cooking!

Get over 40% off