Egg Recipes and Dinner Ideas

If you’re looking for egg recipes that go beyond breakfast, look no further as we have everything you need right here. From frittatas to egg noodles, we have it all.

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Tips to Cook Delicious Egg Recipes

Best Seasonings and Spices for Perfect Eggs

Eggs are a versatile and beloved staple in many kitchens, and the right seasonings can elevate them to new heights. Our recipe experts have recommended the best seasonings and spices to enhance your eggs, whether you prefer them fried, scrambled, boiled, or poached.

Top Seasonings and Spices for Eggs

  • Salt and Pepper: The foundation of egg seasoning. Mastering the balance of salt and pepper can transform your egg recipes from simple to sublime.
  • Paprika: Sprinkle a dash of paprika for a smoky flavor. It pairs exceptionally well with scrambled eggs, adding depth and warmth.
  • Chives: Chives bring a clean, classic taste to your eggs. This herb is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, especially in omelets and on poached eggs.
  • Chilli Flakes or Chilli Powder: For those who like a bit of adventure, add some chilli flakes or powder to your eggs. This seasoning is inspired by our Mexican-inspired dishes and brings a pleasant heat to the plate.
Experimenting with these seasonings and spices can transform your everyday egg recipes into culinary delights. Try these suggestions to discover how they can enhance the flavor and character of your favorite egg recipes.

Different Ways to Cook Eggs

Eggs can be cooked in various ways to suit different preferences. Here are some common methods for cooking eggs:
  • Boiled Eggs: Eggs can be soft boiled or hard boiled depending on your taste or the recipe. Soft boiled eggs cook for a shorter amount of time and have a runny yolk, whereas hard boiled eggs take longer to cook and have a fully set yolk.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Scrambled eggs only require a couple of minutes in the pan. If you prefer your eggs to have a creamy texture, cook them gently for a couple of minutes or for a firmer texture, extend the cooking time a bit longer.
  • Fried Eggs: A fried egg will take around two minutes in a hot and oiled pan. You have the option to cook your egg sunny side up, where you don’t flip it or over easy, which means the egg is cooked on both sides before serving.
  • Poached Eggs: This method of cooking eggs is very similar to boiling. However, in this case, the eggs are cooked without the shell and placed in simmering water.


How long does it take to boil an egg?

Once placed into pre-boiled water, an egg only requires 5-6 minutes for you to enjoy a soft, boiled egg. For those looking to hard boil an egg for delicious salad recipes, double the amount of time for the perfect cook.

How much protein in one egg?

Eggs are a good source of protein in a healthy, balanced meal with one egg providing approximately 7g of protein.

Are eggs dairy?

No, eggs are not dairy. Eggs are a by-product of animals, but as they do not contain milk from an animal they are not a dairy ingredient.

Do vegetarians eat eggs?

Yes vegetarians can eat eggs. Those practicing a vegan diet, however, cannot as an egg is an animal by-product.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Whilst we have many answers for the food-related questions on the tip of your brain here at HelloFresh, this is a question that even leaves us scratching our heads!
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Save money and time on your meals
Save money and time on your meals

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