Sinking Into A Slice of the Good Stuff: Pizza Recipes Everyone Can Enjoy

Sick of arguing about what belongs on top of a pizza? Cook up a slice exactly how you like it with the HelloFresh pizza recipes designed with ease and flavor in mind.

There are endless ways to enjoy a slice of pizza.

Whether you choose to tuck into a slice loaded with tasty toppings, or if you'd prefer to keep it simple, your hit of carb-packed goodness is guaranteed to hit the spot.

The Final Pizza of the Puzzle

What are the best pizza toppings?

The beauty of the pizza is that you can top it with anything you like! Some of our favorite pizza toppings at HelloFresh Australia include cheese, meaty, capers, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, vegetables and dare we say it - pineapple!

How do you make pizza sauce?

To make a simple tomato-based pizza sauce, add a frying pan to a medium-high heat with a drizzle of olive oil. Add a bit of garlic and cook for one minute. Add in tomato paste, water and simmer until slightly thickened for 1-2 minutes. Stir in butter and season to taste - that's it! Check out our range of pizza recipes above for more detailed pizza sauce recipes.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

The debate over whether pineapple belongs on a pizza simply never goes away, and it's likely seen many people shunned for choosing this fruit and cheese fusion. We can't answer this for everyone - but it's definitely a personal preference.

Uncovering the Origins of the Beloved Pizza

While pizza, as we know it today, is famously Italian, this saucy delight boasts a global history that has earned it a cherished spot on dinner tables worldwide. According to data from Canstar Blue, Pizza reigns supreme as Australia's favorite takeaway food, with a staggering 34% of Aussies declaring it their top choice. But how did this iconic dish come to be?

Tracing Back to the 1500s

Tomato Revolution: The pizza's journey is said to have begun in the 1500s when tomatoes, originally from Peru, were introduced to Italy. It didn't take long for this new fruit to become a staple in the Neapolitan diet, as they ingeniously adorned their dough with it. Crafted with pantry essentials like oil, cheese, and herbs, it was just as convenient and delicious then as it is now.
Early Innovation: While today's pizzas often feature inventive toppings on flatbreads or tortillas, this style of pizza was a hit even centuries ago. Italy's culinary pioneers showcased their innovative spirit, laying the foundation for the diverse world of pizza we adore today.

The Story of Margherita Pizza: From Italian Royalty to Aussie Favorite

The Margherita Pizza Saga

Step into the Delicious Past: In the 1800s, a culinary gem was born in Italy - the Margherita pizza. Legend has it that it was named after Queen Margherita, who adored the local bakers' pizza topped with mozzarella, fragrant basil, and vibrant tomatoes.
A Global Journey: Decades later, during World War II, this iconic pizza embarked on a journey that took it to England, France, Spain, and the Americas. It quickly won hearts wherever it went.
Aussie Pizza Love: But it wasn't until the swinging 1960s that Margherita pizza truly became an Aussie favorite. Today, it reigns supreme as the most beloved takeaway across the nation.
Discover Pizza Bliss with HelloFresh: At HelloFresh, we celebrate this timeless classic. Explore our mouthwatering pizza recipes that capture the spirit of Margherita and beyond. Elevate your pizza night with HelloFresh.
Join Us on a Culinary Adventure: Explore our irresistible pizza recipes, all designed to bring the flavors of Italy and more to your Aussie kitchen. Pizza night has never been this delightful!

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Spice Up Your Pizza Experience: Queensland's Pepperoni Obsession

Queensland Sticks To Classic With A Hit Of Spice

Queensland's Bold Twist: In sunny Queensland, the classic cheese pizza gets an exciting upgrade with a punch of spice. Pepperoni takes the crown as the region's most sought-after pizza topping, adding a flavorful kick to the beloved classic.
Pepperoni Reigns Supreme: Australians across the nation have spoken, and 'pepperoni pizza' is their flavor of choice. With a staggering 4,600 monthly searches, it's officially the nation's preferred pizza topping!

New South Wales: Adding Smoke to the Flavour Explosion

Bold Flavors in New South Wales: Meanwhile, in New South Wales, the pizza game gets even bolder. The topping that steals the spotlight here is none other than BBQ chicken, adding a smoky twist to the pizza experience.
A Nationwide Flavor Journey: While BBQ chicken rocks the pizza scene in New South Wales, it doesn't quite reach the same level of fame nationwide, with only 1,200 monthly searches. Join us on a flavor adventure across Australia with HelloFresh's delectable pizza recipes.

Explore Pizza Bliss with HelloFresh: Elevate Your Pizza Night

Join the Flavor Revolution: Discover the irresistible world of pizza flavors with HelloFresh. Whether you're a pepperoni enthusiast or a BBQ chicken aficionado, we've got the perfect pizza recipes to satisfy your cravings. Spice up your pizza night with HelloFresh!

Which Australian Regions Are Pioneering The Meat-Free Pizza?

Leading the Meat-Free Pizza Revolution

As alternative diets gain momentum, we decided to explore which regions are at the forefront of this culinary trend!

'Veggie' Delight in Western Australia

Western Australia's Favorite: Surprisingly, vegetarian pizza has taken the lead in Western Australia, outshining meat alternatives by a significant margin! Nationwide, the search for 'vegetarian pizza' has reached an impressive monthly average of 2,600 queries!

Embracing Plant-Based Goodness in Tasmania

Rising Popularity of Vegan Pizza: The concept of vegan pizza is gaining widespread popularity on menus across the country, garnering a substantial 3,600 monthly searches! However, when it comes to embracing plant-based toppings wholeheartedly, Tasmania stands out as the top choice based on our analysis.
Growing Demand for Vegan Cheese: In 2021, requests for vegan cheese surged by 50%. Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales are leading the charge in the transition away from dairy and plant-based products.
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