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Looking for something to cook tonight? Choose a dish from our wide-range of Quick Dinner Ideas recipes, tried and tested by our in-house recipe developers. Easy to follow and simple to prepare, discover the perfect dish for any occasion.

Malaysian Satay Tofu Tacos

with Sweet Chilli Mayo & Slaw

Jerk Pork & Caramelised Pineapple Burger

with Buttered Corn Cobs

Mild Lime & Coconut Chicken

with Coriander & Garlic Rice

Southeast Asian Chicken Noodles with Peanuts & Crispy Shallots

Pre-Prepped | Three Steps | Ready in 15

Creamy Pumpkin Ravioli & Bacon with Mushrooms & Sage

Pre-Prepped | Three Steps | Ready in 15

Smokey Chicken & Roast Veggie Couscous

with Lemon Yoghurt

Pork & Red Pesto Spaghetti

with Pear Salad

Chicken & Cherry Tomato Risoni

with Basil & Baby Spinach

Pork Sausages & BBQ Tomato Relish

with Cheesy Mash & Pear Salad

Mumbai Beef Meatball Curry

with Garlic Rice & Yoghurt

Middle Eastern Beef & Tahini

with Carrot Couscous & Tomato Salsa

Lemony Salmon & Mashed Potato with Dill-Parsley Dressing

Pre-Prepped | Three Steps | Ready in 15

Jerk Chicken Thigh Tacos with Slaw & Garlic Aioli

Pre-Prepped | Three Steps | Ready in 15

Italian Falafel & Couscous Bowl

with Roasted Veggies & Red Pesto Dressing

American BBQ Pulled Pork Enchiladas

with Charred Corn Salsa & Greek Yoghurt

Saucy Mexican Beef & Rice Bowl

with Tomato Salsa & Cheddar

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