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Family Favourites: Meals For All

Nothing frustrates parents like fussy eaters, which is why our family recipes have been designed by HelloFresh culinary experts with even the pickiest palettes in mind. Take a look and find a recipe everyone will love.

Family Favourites

Discover new ways to make dinnertime exciting with our collection of recipes hand picked by food experts at HelloFresh that are ideal for the whole family.

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Family Friendly Recipes

No fuss, just flavour

Transform meal time with our family recipes. Choose from popular meals made with staple ingredients that will please even the fussiest of eaters. Recipes like our Beef Sausages and Parmesan Mash and Garlic & Herb Chicken offer high levels of nutritional value in meals that are already family approved.

Choose flavour combinations that work and that are guaranteed to be a hit with the whole household with our HelloFresh family favourites. Stir frys, pies, burgers and more that are child-friendly options which the adults will love, too.

Child-friendly recipes the adults can enjoy, too

Family-friendly doesn’t have to mean flavourless and with our HelloFresh recipe collection, they certainly don’t. The Chair Siu Beef Stir Fry is jam-packed with delicious vegetables, bold colours and tastes great. Expand the whole family's palate subtly and fuss-free with small changes to recipes they recognise like the HelloFresh Caesar-Style Pork Burger.

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Family recipes

Healthy Versions of Your Kids’ Favourites

  • Vegetable Lasagne
    Lasagne is a classic family favourite, but it's not always the healthiest. The great thing about lasagne is that you can fill it with plenty of nutritious vegetables, placing them in between layers of sauce and cheese. We love adding zucchini, eggplant and red capsicum.
  • Homemade Nuggets
    Crumb your own bite-sized pieces of chicken, or a vegetarian substitute like cauliflower, and bake them in the oven for a healthier homemade nugget. Baking will still make crispy nuggets, but without all of the extra fat from frying. Add some salt and herbs into the breadcrumb mixture for extra flavour.
  • Bean Burgers
    Burgers are always a family favourite that’s easy to make at home, too. You can put almost anything you like into a homemade veggie burger patty, but first, choose a healthy protein base like kidney beans or chickpeas. Then just fill in the mixture with vegetables like grated carrot, spinach, mushrooms, onion and fresh herbs.
  • Baked Sweet Potato Fries
    Who doesn’t love potato fries? It’s easy to bake your own homemade fries in the oven for a healthier alternative – also with sweet potato for some extra nutrients. The trick is to coat thin potato slices in oil, spices and some cornflour to get them crunchy. Space them out on the tray and let them cook until crisp.
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Save money and time on your meals
Save money and time on your meals

Save money and time on your meals

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