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Learn new flavour profiles, cooking techniques and recipes with our exciting collection of Japanese dishes. Have your chopsticks ready because once you’ve discovered these HelloFresh recipes you’ll want nothing more than to tuck right in.

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Enjoy the Globally-Loved Flavours of Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its light, fresh flavors, and its unique ability to bring simple ingredients together into something extraordinary. Traditional Japanese recipes are a testament to the country's culinary expertise, where rice, noodles, seafood, and vegetables play starring roles.

The Essence of Traditional Japanese Recipes

At the heart of Japanese cooking lies an emphasis on seasonal produce, ensuring that every dish is at its flavor peak. This philosophy not only respects the natural cycle of ingredients but also highlights the culinary diversity throughout the year.

Umami: The Quintessential Japanese Taste

Umami, often described as a savory or "fifth taste," is a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine. It's the rich, deep flavor found in broths, mushrooms, seaweed, and fermented products like soy sauce. This distinctive taste profile sets Japanese dishes apart, offering a unique culinary experience.

Explore Authentic Japanese Dishes

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the quiet countryside, Japanese food offers an array of dishes that cater to every palate. Whether it's the worldwide favorite sushi, the comforting warmth of ramen, or the delicate flavors of a traditional Kaiseki meal, there's always something new to discover.

Bringing Japanese Recipes to Your Kitchen

Ready to dive into the world of Japanese cooking? Explore a variety of Japanese recipes that range from quick and easy meals to more elaborate preparations. Learn to create dishes like Teriyaki Chicken, Miso Soup, and Vegetable Tempura, each offering a taste of Japan's rich culinary heritage.
Japanese cuisine is more than just a style of cooking; it's a journey into a culture that values harmony, simplicity, and the inherent flavors of ingredients. Start your culinary adventure today and bring the globally-loved flavors of Japanese food into your home with these easy-to-follow recipes.

Japanese recipes with rice

Explore the World of Japanese Rice Dishes

Rice isn't just a staple in Japanese cuisine; it's a cultural emblem. From the humble yet delightful onigiri to the satisfying donburi bowl, rice plays a central role in a myriad of Japanese dishes. Whether as a complementary side or the star of the show, rice is essential in Japanese cooking.

The Versatility of Japanese Rice

Japanese recipes often showcase the versatility of rice. Sushi, a global favorite, typically uses glutinous rice, renowned for its sticky quality that perfectly holds the sushi together. On the other hand, short-grain varieties are the go-to choice for one-bowl dishes that are both satisfying and easy to prepare.

Rice in Japanese Desserts

The use of rice extends beyond savory dishes. In Japanese desserts, rice takes a sweet turn in treats like Ohagi or Botamochi, sticky rice balls that combine sweetness with a unique texture.

Discover Your Favorite Japanese Dish Today

Are you eager to delve into homemade Japanese cuisine? Whether it's crafting a Katsu Curry from scratch or trying out street food favorites like Yakitori, HelloFresh offers a diverse collection of Japanese recipes. From traditional dishes like Flaky Tempura Tilapia to modern fusion creations such as Wasabi-Glazed Steak, HelloFresh makes exploring new flavors an effortless and enjoyable journey at home.

Why You’re Not Eating Real Japanese Wasabi

If you like Japanese cuisine, chances are you’re a fan of sushi – and if you’re a fan of sushi, chances are you probably love wasabi. But did you know that most sushi restaurants outside of Japan don’t use real wasabi at all?
Wasabi is a spicy root vegetable related to cabbages with a taste similar to horseradish. It’s grown in the lush river valleys of Japan, which possess the optimal growing conditions for this Japanese staple ingredient. It’s an environment that’s difficult to replicate in commercial farms.
For this reason, it’s hard to come by real wasabi in the West, and it’s pretty expensive too. Wasabi can cost around $200 per kilogram. Thanks to the hefty price tag, most restaurants in Australia, Europe and North America opt for a wallet-friendly version of the spicy ingredient.
The alternative to Japanese wasabi is made from a mixture of horseradish, spicy mustard, and sometimes traces of the real ingredient. Luckily, the wasabi substitute offers the same spicy kick real wasabi is famous for, so you can enjoy your favorite Japanese recipes without breaking the bank.

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