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North African cuisine is known for colourful spice mixtures that boost the flavour of dishes to leave you fully satisfied – which is exactly what you can expect from our recipes. Try our North African food and travel continents without leaving the house.

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North African Spice Paste: 3 Ways To Use Harissa

North African food is best known for spice blends that combine sweet and savoury flavours. Harissa paste is the epitome of this flavorful fusion. Made from dried chilli, garlic, oil and spices, harissa is a Tunisian condiment is traditionally served alongside stews, couscous dishes or pita bread. However, there are many other creative ways to use this North African spice paste too.
  • 1 Add heat to roast vegetables. Toss your choice of vegetables in harissa paste before roasting to add a spicy dimension to your veggie dish. Harissa goes well with carrots and fennel, while our Harissa Cauliflower recipe makes for a delicious vegetarian North African recipe.
  • 2 Spicy dipping sauce. Harissa adds a fiery kick to any recipe. Use it as a dipping sauce for chips, veggies or bread. To tone down the heat, mix it with plain Greek yoghurt.
  • 3 North African-inspired rub. Harissa paste can be used as a rub for grilled meat and roasts. The spicy flavours go best with leg of lamb, but many North African recipes pair the rub with chicken, beef or fish.

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