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Singaporean cuisine is diverse, which makes for plenty of exciting recipes to try. Learn about the different aspects of this cuisine, full of unique tradition (and have fun while doing it), as you try these Singaporean recipes from HelloFresh.

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Singaporean recipes

4 Essential Components of a Singaporean Laksa

You haven’t tried quintessential Singaporean food until you’ve tried laksa. The national dish of Singapore, laksa is a spicy noodle soup rich in Southeast Asian flavours. Although it is a traditional Singaporean recipe, it’s popular throughout Asia. The result is countless variations with influences from all over the East. But no matter where you’re cooking your laksa, there are always four essential components you simply must have.

  1. The noodles:The most common noodle found in laksa is rice noodles – specifically, thin vermicelli noodles. However, egg noodles or thicker rice noodle varieties are all great alternatives.
  2. The broth:The broth is one of the most important components of laksa. Traditionally the broth is prepared using laksa curry paste, prawn shells, lemongrass and laksa leaves.
  3. The protein: Puffed tofu and prawns are the most traditional protein components in laksa. Some variations also include a boiled egg or thinly sliced chicken.
  4. The vegetables: Traditional Singaporean laksa recipes don’t include many vegetables besides bean sprouts and fresh coriander. For a more balanced approach, add veggies like red capsicum or snow peas.

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