Sandwich recipes

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Discover some exciting, new sandwich recipes ideal for lunch or dinner time that will level up your sandwich game. Gourmet, classic and traditional - choose your favourite to try.

Sandwiches: A Favoured Recipe Adopted Globally

Chances are that wherever you go in this world, you’ll find a yummy version of this dish that celebrates the local flavours and ingredients of the region you are in. That is the true beauty of the sandwich: it isn’t only incredibly practical, but also one of the most versatile foods we can think of. From golden American grilled cheese sandwiches and the decadent French Croque Monsieur to the complex flavours of a Vietnamese Bánh Mì, sandwiches have a million different ways to be delicious. Are you hungry yet? Find new sandwich ideas inspired by your favourite world cuisine right here in our sandwich recipe collection!

The Ultimate Sandwich Fillings

Looking for more inspiration on creating your own, special homemade sandwiches? Here are some of Australia’s favorite sandwich fillings that you can easily try at home. Just check the list, prep your ingredients, and insert them between two pieces of your favorite bread, and you’re onto a winner.

Gourmet Steak Sandwich

One of the popular sandwich fillings is steak: a spiced, flavored steak cooked exactly to your liking is a gourmet sandwich filling that is perfect paired with a light cheese for added flavor.

Healthy Chicken and Avocado

For a healthier option, consider warm grilled chicken paired with fresh avocado—a delightful and nutritious filling choice.

Classic Ham and Cheese

Ham and cheese: a classic, a favorite not only in Australia but globally, too. ‘Nough said!

Tangy Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail: prawns cooked in a tangy sauce paired with fresh bread to soak up some of the goodness. Delightful.

Reduce Food Waste with Leftovers

Reduce your food waste by using leftovers as sandwich fillings. Save some of those cold cuts, veggies, or whatever you’ve been cooking and fill your sandwich lunch with it for a tasty, fresh meal.

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Sandwich recipes

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Is a hot dog a sandwich?

While this question has been up for debate for a long time and across the world, technically a hot dog can be classified as a sandwich. A bratwurst hugged tightly by bread - sounds like a sandwich to us! However, this classification is a personal preference.

Can you freeze sandwiches?

You can choose to freeze your sandwich, however, quality freshness cannot be guaranteed when defrosting. This can depend heavily on what type of sandwich you’re choosing to freeze, how long you freeze it for and the way you defrost it.

What cheese is good for a sandwich?

Some of our favourite cheeses for sandwiches at HelloFresh include cheddar, swiss, monterey jack, mozzarella and feta. However, paired with the right ingredients, most cheeses can make the ideal sandwich filler
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