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With this collection of surprisingly simple Korean recipes from HelloFresh, you'll be eating delicious homemade bibimbap, tempura bowls and more in no time at all. Check out our easy-to-make Korean dishes today.

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Discover Delicious Bibimbap Recipes

Bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, is more than just a meal with a catchy name. This delicious recipe is a celebration of flavors and textures, perfectly blending a mix of ingredients over a bed of rice. In Korean, 'bibimbap' means 'mixed rice,' and it's precisely what this dish offers: a hearty mix of rice, vegetables, and protein.

Why Try Bibimbap Recipes?

If you're a fan of versatile and vibrant dishes like buddha bowls or fajita bowls, bibimbap is a must-try. It's a delightful way to experience authentic Korean flavors right in your kitchen. Our bibimbap recipes are not only easy to follow but also customizable to cater to your taste preferences. Whether you prefer beef, pork, or a vegetarian option like teriyaki tofu, there's a bibimbap recipe for everyone.

Easy and Flavorful Bibimbap Recipes

  1. Beef Bibimbap: Discover the rich flavors of Korea with our Beef Bibimbap recipe. A perfect blend of savory beef, fresh vegetables, and spicy sauce.
  2. Pork Bibimbap: Craving something with a bit more zest? Try our Pork Bibimbap recipe, featuring tender pork and a mix of flavorful toppings.
  3. Teriyaki Tofu Bibimbap: For a vegetarian twist, our Teriyaki Tofu Bibimbap is an excellent choice, combining the sweetness of teriyaki with the freshness of vegetables.

Start Cooking Today

Embrace the flavors of Korea with these simple yet delicious bibimbap recipes. Perfect for any meal, these recipes are sure to bring a taste of the world into your home. Try them today and add a burst of flavor to your cooking repertoire!
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How to Make Your Own Korean Bibimbap

Bibimbap is one of our most popular Korean recipes at HelloFresh, and it’s easy to tell why. A flavorful combination of rice, vegetables, protein, and spices, it’s both balanced and delicious. Making it at home is easier than you think – all you need are these five components to master the classic Korean dish.
  1. Rice
    • “Bibimbap” literally means “mixed rice” in Korean, which means this grain is the most important component of this dish. White rice is the most popular choice, but brown rice can be used for a more balanced version.
  2. Vegetables
    • Fry up some veggies like carrot, mushrooms, or spinach. There are no rules, so get creative with your vegetable picks, and don’t forget the soy sauce.
  3. Protein
    • Bibimbap is usually served with thinly sliced beef. However, shredded chicken, crispy bacon, or even fried tofu are great alternatives.
  4. Fried Egg
    • In a traditional Korean bibimbap, a raw egg is cracked in right before serving, allowing the egg to cook when mixed into the hot rice. A fried egg sunny side up is just as delicious, though.
  5. Toppings
    • Switch it up with different toppings. Kimchi and sesame seeds are always a good place to start, while sprouts and herbs add a beautiful pop of color. And of course, the traditional gochujang (Korean chili paste) gives the dish a welcomed spicy kick!

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