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Fancy the taste of classic British dishes? Recreate your favourite pub lunch at home and choose from our selection of HelloFresh British recipes. You’ll be sure to find a recipe everyone will love, from cottage pie to bangers and mash.

Cook homemade British food with our simple recipes

Savor the Flavors of British Cuisine with HelloFresh

Indulge in the rich and hearty dishes of British cuisine right in the comfort of your home with HelloFresh. Our curated collection of British recipes brings the essence of traditional pub grub to your kitchen, offering a delightful culinary journey without the need for travel.

Quintessential British Delights

From the iconic fish and chips to the ultimate shepherd's pie recipe, our British recipe collection showcases the best of British gastronomy. Explore these classic dishes that have stood the test of time and discover new ways to prepare your favorite British meals.

Fit for Royalty

Elevate your dining experience with slow-cooked roasts that are fit for a Queen. Our recipes guide you through the process of creating sumptuous roast dinners that capture the essence of British tradition. With HelloFresh, you can prepare a feast that's perfect for special occasions or a comforting meal for your loved ones.

Vegetarian Twists on Classics

Our British recipe collection caters to everyone's taste, including those with a preference for vegetarian options. Discover delightful vegetarian takes on British classics, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy at the dinner table.

The Art of British Cooking

British cuisine is known for its hearty and soul-warming dishes. It's a culinary journey filled with savory pies, fluffy Yorkshire puddings, and delectable desserts. At HelloFresh, we've carefully crafted our British recipes to capture the essence of this beloved cuisine.
Whether you're a seasoned chef or an adventurous home cook, our British recipes offer a taste of the United Kingdom's culinary heritage. Say "Cheers" to a world of flavors with HelloFresh's British-inspired dishes.
Explore our selection of British-inspired recipes and embark on a gastronomic adventure through the heart of Britain's culinary traditions.

How To Make Gravy From Scratch

Mastering Gravy From Scratch: A Classic British Technique

Gravy is the heart and soul of many beloved British recipes, imparting richness and flavor that elevate dishes to a whole new level. Crafting homemade gravy from scratch is a skill that every aspiring home cook should embrace. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through each step, ensuring your gravy turns out perfect every time.
  • Pan drippings from your roasted meat
  • 1-2 tablespoons of plain flour
  • 2 cups of stock (choose chicken, beef, or vegetable depending on your meat)
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Collect Those Precious Drippings:
    • After roasting your meat to perfection, transfer it to a serving dish, and keep it warm.
    • Now, place the roasting pan with all those flavorful drippings on your stovetop over medium heat. These pan drippings are the liquid gold of your gravy.
  2. Begin the Magic with a Roux:
    • As the pan drippings heat up, add 1-2 tablespoons of plain flour to the pan. This will serve as the thickening agent for your gravy.
    • Stir continuously for about two minutes, witnessing the mixture transform into a bubbling, golden brown roux. This is the foundation of your classic British gravy.
  3. Introduce the Stock:
    • Gradually pour in 2 cups of stock, selecting the type that complements your roasted meat. For poultry, chicken stock works wonders, while beef stock pairs splendidly with red meats.
    • Vigorously stir to combine the flour, pan drippings, and stock, forming a delectable, lump-free mixture.
  4. Simmer to Perfection:
    • Allow the mixture to gently reach a boil, all the while maintaining your stirring rhythm. This stage is where the flavors meld and the gravy thickens.
    • Let it simmer for approximately five minutes, or until your gravy reaches your preferred level of thickness. Season it with salt and pepper to suit your taste.
  5. Strain and Serve with Pride:
    • To attain that velvety-smooth consistency, strain the finished gravy through a fine-mesh sieve or strainer. This step ensures your gravy is free of any lumps or impurities, presenting you with a silky sauce.
    • Serve your piping hot homemade gravy alongside your roasted meat, mashed potatoes, or any classic British dish you desire.
Creating gravy from scratch is a culinary art that imparts authenticity and unbeatable flavor to your British recipes. With this detailed guide, you can confidently master the technique and relish the rich essence of homemade British gravy. Enjoy the journey, and savor the incredible taste it brings to your meals.

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British Recipes

How to Prepare the Perfect British Roast

A Sunday roast is more than just a meal in Britain; it's a comforting ritual. Typically enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon, this traditional feast gathers everyone around the table to savor a menu brimming with roast meat, vegetables, and all the essential trimmings. To truly indulge in this quintessential British meal, here are the key components you shouldn't miss.

Essential Elements of a Traditional British Roast

  • The Roast: The centerpiece of the meal, roast beef, is traditionally favored. However, variations like roast pork, lamb, or a whole roasted chicken are equally popular. For vegetarians, a whole roasted cauliflower or butternut squash makes an excellent substitute.
  • Potatoes: No British roast is complete without roast potatoes. The goal is to achieve a balance where they are light and fluffy on the inside yet perfectly golden and crisp on the outside.
  • Vegetables: Classic choices include peas and carrots, but don’t shy away from adding cheesy cauliflower bake, roasted root vegetables, or baked Brussels sprouts for a diverse vegetable spread.
  • Gravy: Drizzled over everything, gravy adds moisture and depth to the meal, enhancing the flavors of the roast and sides.
  • Yorkshire Pudding: A must-have, Yorkshire pudding is a savory dinner roll that's a staple in British cuisine. Perfect for mopping up gravy, it's an integral part of the experience.

Crafting the Perfect Sunday Roast

Preparing a Sunday roast involves more than just cooking; it's about creating a meal that warms the heart and satisfies the soul. Remember, the secret to a successful roast is in the quality of ingredients and the care taken in preparation. Whether it's your first time hosting a Sunday roast or you're looking to perfect your technique, these essential elements will guide you in preparing a feast that is both delicious and heartwarming.

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