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Chinese recipes

On the lookout for Chinese recipes? We've got you covered with a wide variety of easy, tasty and nutritious options you’ll love.
42 recipes found
with Pickled Onion & Roasted Peanuts
25 minutes3640 kJ
with Veggies & Crispy Shallots
30 minutes3600 kJ
with Chilli-Garlic Rice & Soy Greens
30 minutes2290 kJ
with Roasted Peanuts
25 minutes2260 kJ
with Sesame Fried Eggs
40 minutes2340 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Veggies
30 minutes2840 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Crispy Shallots
30 minutes2300 kJ
with Stir-Fry Veggies & Garlic Rice
35 minutes3610 kJ
with Garlic-Ginger Rice
30 minutes3820 kJ
with Udon Noodles
25 minutes2370 kJ
with Crushed Peanuts
25 minutes2030 kJ
with Oyster Sauce & Peanuts
25 minutes2180 kJ
with Noodles & Rainbow Veggies
35 minutes2130 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Peanuts & Sugar Snap Peas
35 minutes3200 kJ
with Roasted Cashews
25 minutes2230 kJ
with Broccoli & Peanuts
35 minutes2810 kJ
with Roasted Cashews
35 minutes2610 kJ
with Garlic Aioli
25 minutes3200 kJ
with Rainbow Veg
35 minutes4170 kJ
with Bok Choy
35 minutes3050 kJ
with Sweetcorn Fried Rice
35 minutes2280 kJ
Rapidwith Roasted Peanuts
25 minutes2480 kJ
with Udon Noodles
35 minutes3140 kJ
with Brown Rice
40 minutes2990 kJ
with Asian Greens
30 minutes2720 kJ
with Jasmine Rice & Broccolini
35 minutes2880 kJ
Rapidwith Jasmine Rice
25 minutes2710 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Steamed Rice
40 minutes2840 kJ
with Jasmine Rice
35 minutes2420 kJ
with Soba Noodles
35 minutes2470 kJ