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Family favourites

All the delicious Family favourites you’ll love to cook in easy step-by-step instructions.
with Charred Corn-Mint Salsa & Coconut Rice
30 minutes2330 kJ
with Creamy Pesto Dressing
35 minutes2650 kJ
with Corn & Greek Yoghurt
30 minutes2780 kJ
with Parmesan Cheese
45 minutes4690 kJ
with Couscous & Herby Yoghurt Sauce
35 minutes2360 kJ
with Basmati Rice & Greek Yoghurt
40 minutes3500 kJ
with Broccoli
30 minutes3260 kJ
with Chipotle Yoghurt
40 minutes2410 kJ
with Pesto Dressing & Parmesan Salad
40 minutes3210 kJ
with Crushed Peanuts
35 minutes2570 kJ
with Veggies & Crispy Shallots
30 minutes3600 kJ
with Garlic & Herb Fries
35 minutes3700 kJ
with Tomato Salsa
40 minutes3140 kJ
with Cheddar & Charred Corn
25 minutes1740 kJ
with Herbed Yoghurt Sauce
30 minutes2780 kJ
with Couscous & Flaked Almonds
40 minutes3080 kJ
with Mashed Potatoes & Garlic Veggies
35 minutes2640 kJ
with Noodles, Veggies & Sesame Seeds
40 minutes2320 kJ
with Roast Veggie Medley & Pepitas
40 minutes2420 kJ
with Caramelised Onion Potato Salad
40 minutes2910 kJ
with Chips & Cucumber-Apple Salad
40 minutes4640 kJ
with Mash & Veggies
35 minutes2990 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Sesame Mayo
35 minutes3530 kJ
with Garlic Mash & Corn Cobs
45 minutes2500 kJ
with Veggies & Peanuts
35 minutes3150 kJ
with Sweet Chilli Glaze
35 minutes3490 kJ
with Basil & Parmesan
30 minutes3330 kJ
with Garlic Rice
35 minutes3100 kJ
with Charred Corn Salsa & Garlic Rice
30 minutes3360 kJ
with Sesame Fried Eggs
40 minutes2340 kJ

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