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Easy Salmon Recipes

A popular fish choice for any occasion. Delve into our collection of salmon recipes, crafted with rich flavours designed to satisfy every palate.

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Tips to Cook an Easy Salmon Dinner

Cooking a delicious salmon recipe doesn't have to be a challenge, and a few smart tips can streamline the process. First and foremost, consider investing in quality salmon - fresh, wild-caught varieties offer juicy taste and nutritional benefits. To save time, prepping ingredients ahead, such as marinating the salmon with a blend of olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs, can infuse it with flavor effortlessly. You can also opt for quick cooking methods like grilling or pan-searing, as these ensure tasty flavor in very little time. Lastly, pairing the salmon with fast-cooking sides such as quinoa or pasta completes the meal with ease. With these tips, tasty and nutritious salmon recipes can become a mid-week staple, perfect for busy families.

Best Sauce Pairings for Salmon

Salmon has a unique and mild flavor that pairs well with a variety of sauces. Here are some options you should try when you’re cooking the popular fish:
  • Garlic Butter
    • A classic choice, the garlic butter adds a rich and powerful flavor to salmon.
  • Teriyaki Glaze
    • A teriyaki glaze offers a unique twist to your salmon by adding a touch of sweetness to your fish.
  • Pesto
    • The vibrant flavors of pesto create a refreshing combination that complements the salmon, especially when baked.
  • Lemon Butter
    • The natural zing of the lemon together with the richness of the butter creates a delicious balance to the salmon’s flavor.

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