Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies
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Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies

Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies

with Balsamic Strawberries & Cream | Serves 4+

Dish up a decadent dessert with two famous duos: chocolate and hazelnut, plus strawberries and cream. Our foolproof brownie mix is rich and indulgent, and with a few extra-special touches it makes a totally loveable dessert.

Tree Nuts

Always read product labels for the most up-to-date allergen information. Visit hellofresh.com.au/foodinfo for allergen and ingredient information. If you have received a substitute ingredient, please be aware allergens may have changed.

Preparation Time35 minutes
Cooking Time


/ Serving 8 people

1 packet

roasted hazelnuts

(Contains Tree Nuts; May be present: Milk, Peanut, Sesame, Soy. )

1 packet

chocolate brownie mix

(Contains Gluten, Wheat; May be present: Milk, Peanut, Sesame, Soy, Almond, Brazil Nut, Cashew, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Pine Nut, Pecan, Pistachio, Walnut. )

1 punnet


1 packet

light thickened cream

(Contains Milk;)

Not included in your delivery

150 g




(Contains Egg;)

1 tbs


1 tsp

balsamic vinegar


Nutritional Values

per serving
Energy (kJ)1550 kJ
Fat22.4 g
of which saturates12.6 g
Carbohydrate36.2 g
of which sugars30.9 g
Protein5.5 g
Sodium157 mg
The average adult daily energy intake is 8700 kJ


Baking Dish


Get prepped

Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan-forced. Line a 20cm square baking tin with baking paper. Melt the butter in the microwave or in a saucepan. Roughly chop the roasted hazelnuts. TIP: Brownies are best if you bake them the day before serving. If you prefer a fudgy texture, refrigerate overnight before serving, or keep them at room temperature if you like them cakey!

Combine the ingredients

Crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl. Add the brownie mix, melted butter and a pinch of salt. Stir until well combined. Pour the brownie mixture into the prepared baking tin and spread with the back of the spoon. Sprinkle with the roasted hazelnuts.

Bake the brownies

Bake until just firm to the touch but still a little soft in the middle, 25-28 minutes. Allow to cool completely in the baking tin. While the brownies are baking, roughly chop the strawberries. In a medium bowl, combine the strawberries, sugar and balsamic vinegar and set aside. TIP: To check if the brownies are done, stick a toothpick or skewer in the centre. It should come out with crumbs clinging. If you like your brownie more cakey and less fudgy, bake for an extra 5 minutes. TIP: The brownies will firm up more once they've cooled.

Serve up

When the brownies have cooled, slice into 9 squares. Serve the brownies topped with the light thickened cream and the balsamic strawberries. TIP: Store any leftover brownies and strawberries in an airtight container!