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Modernise Your Fajitas: Fajita Bowl Recipes

A new analysis of Google Trends data undertaken by HelloFresh reveals a huge rise in popularity of the ‘fajita bowl.’ The household dinnertime staple has had a modern makeover with a healthy twist and HelloFresh food experts are here for it.

National Fajita Day

It seems FoodTok have jumped on the bandwagon just in time for National Fajita Day on the 18th of August as TikTok views for #Fajita hit 87 million views and growing.

However, it’s a newer food trend that’s got everyone talking.

Up 99% in the last month, Google searches for ‘Fajita Bowl’ are on the rise, with #fajitabowl totalling over 1.5m views on TikTok.

What is a fajita bowl?

A fajita bowl is a modern take on Mexican fajita recipes. Ditching the traditional tortilla wrap, the fajita bowl marries together everything that’s delicious about the fajitas loved far and wide but gives it a healthier twist.

Akin to Emily Mariko’s salmon bowl, which went viral on TikTok, the dish embodies the growing trend of Buddha Bowls and Burrito Bowls and infuses it with fajita flavours for an exciting, fun twist.

HelloFresh Fajita Bowl Recipes

Don’t just take our word for it. Make the most of these HelloFresh fajita bowl recipes to cook up a humble bowl of deliciousness in the comfort of your own home.

Spiced Beef and Black Bean Fajita Bowl

Subtly sweet, this hearty Spiced Beef and Black Bean fajita bowl recipe keeps things classic with a range of textures. The balance of chilli-spiced beef and rich garlic rice creates a flavour fusion everyone will appreciate.

Mexican Black Bean and Veggie Fajita Bowl

This Mexican Black Bean and Veggie fajita bowl recipe celebrates vegetables, complimenting them with a Mexican Fiesta spice blend that is just the right amount of heat.

Mexican Fajita Black Bean Rice Bowl

Protein-packed, this HelloFresh Mexican Fajita Black Bean Rice Bowl recipe puts a spotlight on Mexican staple, black beans, added with colourful herbs and vegetables and contrasted with avocado and lime yoghurt for a deconstructed veggie fajita that ticks all the flavour boxes.

Chicken Fajita Bowl

You’ll wish fajita night was every night with this recipe. Whether you opt for chicken breast or chicken thighs, you can enjoy the typical Tex-Mex flavours of known and loved chicken fajitas with this Chicken Fajita Bowl option.

Loaded Pork Fajita Bowl

Moving away from tradition, this Loaded Pork Fajita Bowl also champions Tex-Mex for an aromatic bowl of deliciousness. Demonstrating the power of modernising a recipe, this loaded pork fajita bowl adds lightly spiced pork strips for a new take on a favourite.

Enjoy Mexican with HelloFresh

Whether you’re ready to try out this viral craze or want to give even more healthy alternatives to classic dishes a go, check out our full collection of Mexican recipes complete with spicy, flavoursome dishes everyone can enjoy.
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