HelloFresh versus the Supermarkets

Proof that the pudding is cheaper with HelloFresh.

The weekly visit to the supermarket can often be a bit of a whirlwind. You walk in with a list of items you need and walk out with more than you budgeted for. With the craze of promotions and special offers it’s easy to wind up dazed and confused over how much we are spending on a regular basis.

At HelloFresh, we aim to provide “more for less” by delivering you high quality ingredients direct from our independent suppliers. By providing the exact quantities required for each recipe we are able to reward our customers for minimising waste by offering a better deal at the checkout. The proof is in the pudding! So we’ve compared our three day meal box for two people with the cost of getting the same ingredients delivered for each dish from a leading online supermarket.

Here are the results:

How can we supply better quality produce in your HelloFresh box for less each week?

1. Direct from the source – By dealing with all of our suppliers directly we are able to cut out the middle men – giving you more bang for your buck!

2. More waste = a greater cost – For each original recipe we only send you what you need so you are not paying for surplus ingredients that you are unlikely to use again.

3. We are loyal to our suppliers – We have worked hard to build long-term sustainable relationships with our suppliers – in return they give you the very best produce for the very best price!