Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with HelloFresh

How does our recycling process work?

1. Reduce

Did you know that 35% of the average household waste is food? When purchasing a HelloFresh box, not only do you receive the exact amount of every ingredient you'll need for each recipe, but you contribute to minimising this wastage.

At HelloFresh, we also source seasonal and local ingredients from Australian suppliers, wherever possible. From our ethically raised meat to our farm-fresh produce, HelloFresh strives to incorporate earth-friendly initiatives into our business practices.

2. Reuse

Our HelloFresh boxes are very sturdy, which makes them easy to reuse. Moving house? Use our boxes to pack your belongings. Have a pet? Convert one to a second bed for your furry friend! Kids? Create a DIY cubby house!

Did you know? You can also reuse our non-toxic ice packs and insulation. They are both perfect for a picnic or camping. Our insulation fibre is also breathable and keeps things cold or hot, so it's great to store cold drinks on a road trip or keep a casserole hot on your way to a potluck dinner.

3. Recycle

Our boxes, meal kit bags and recipe cards are all made from recyclable materials. Simply fold and discard the cardboard boxes and bags with other household recyclables. Hold onto your recipe cards though, so you can make your favourite dishes again and again!

4. Dispose

Our cool pouches are made from PLA plastic fibre and our insulation fibre is derived from 100% plant material! If you don’t wish to hold onto your gel ice pack or pouch, simply dispose of both with your general waste, worry free.