How does our recycling process work at HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is committed to preserving this earth, which produces the fresh ingredients in your boxes! We source seasonal and natural food from local suppliers whenever possible. By sending the exact amount of every ingredient in our recipes, we cut household food waste by more than 60%. From our ethically raised meat to our farm-fresh produce, HelloFresh strives to incorporate earth-friendly and green initiatives into our business practices.

1. Gel Ice Packs – Reuse these non-toxic ice packs for a picnic or camping. To dispose of the gel ice, simply open the pouch, discard the gel, and discard the empty pouch worry free.

2. Wool Insulation – Our wool liners are 100% wool and completely biodegradable, so you can put them on your compost heap. Remove the 100% recyclable liner and discard it with your household recycling (check with your local council if you unsure whether they recycle soft plastics). Alternatively, dispose of it with your household waste.

3. HelloFresh boxes – Our boxes are made from all biodegradable and recyclable materials. So, just fold and discard the cardboard with other household recyclables.