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Steak Tagliata & Rosemary Wedges

Steak Tagliata & Rosemary Wedges

with Tomato Salad & Aioli

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Sure it’s a fancy name, but that’s because it’s Italian. This is steak and chips, just not as you know it – the steak is seared then sliced into strips and the chips are roasted with garlic and rosemary for a flavour boost. Plus, the side salad has a delectable roasted garlic dressing to really bring the flavours of Italy into your home.

Tags:Naturally Gluten-FreeNot Suitable for Coeliacs
Preparation Time30 minutes
Cooking difficultyLevel 1

serving 4 people


serving 4 people

3 clove


1 bunch


4 unit


2 unit


1 bag

mixed salad leaves

1 packet

beef rump

1 tub

garlic aioli

(ContainsEggMay be presentTree Nuts)

2 packet

shaved Parmesan cheese


Not included in your delivery

olive oil

1 tbs

vinegar (white wine or red wine)

Nutritional Valuesper serving
Nutritional Values
per serving
Energy (kJ)2360 kJ
Fat30 g
of which saturates8.1 g
Carbohydrate29.8 g
of which sugars2.6 g
Protein38 g
Sodium293 mg
The average adult daily energy intake is 8700 kJ
Chopping board
Baking Paper
Baking Tray
Large Non-Stick Pan
Small Bowl
Get prepped
Get prepped

Preheat the oven to 240°C/220°C fan-forced. Finely chop 1 garlic clove (or use a garlic press). Pick and finely chop the rosemary leaves. TIP: Hold the rosemary stalk in one hand and run your fingers down the leaves to remove them easily! Cut the potato (unpeeled) into 1cm wedges. TIP: Cut the potato to the correct size so it cooks in the allocated time.

Roast the wedges
Roast the wedges

Place the potato, rosemary and the remaining whole garlic cloves on the oven tray lined with baking paper. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Toss to coat. Arrange the potatoes in a single layer, then roast for 25-30 minutes, or until tender. In the last 5 minutes of cooking, remove the roasted garlic cloves and set aside (you will use these in step 5!). Add the crushed garlic and toss through the potatoes. Bake for a further 5 minutes, or until fragrant.

Prep the salad
Prep the salad

While the wedges are baking, cut the tomato into 1cm chunks. In a large bowl, combine the mixed salad leaves and tomato.

Cook the steak
Cook the steak

When the wedges have 15 minutes cook time remaining, heat a drizzle of olive oil in a large frying pan over a high heat. Season the steaks with salt and pepper on both sides. Once hot, add 1/2 the steaks and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side (depending on thickness), or until cooked to your liking. TIP: This will give you a medium steak but cook for a little less if you like it rare, or a little longer for well done. Transfer to a plate and set aside to rest. Repeat with the remaining steaks.

Make the dressing
Make the dressing

While the steak is resting, place the roasted garlic on a chopping board and press down with the flat side of a knife to squish out the flesh. Using a fork, mash the garlic into a paste and transfer to a small bowl. Add the vinegar, 3 tbs olive oil and any resting juices from the steak to the roasted garlic. Season with salt and pepper and mix well. Add 1/2 the dressing to the salad leaves and toss to combine.

Serve up
Serve up

Thinly slice the steak. Divide the steak tagliata, rosemary wedges, salad and the garlic aioli between plates. Drizzle the steak with the remaining caramelised garlic dressing and sprinkle the salad with the shaved Parmesan cheese.

TIP: For kids, follow our serving suggestion in the main photo!