Moroccan recipes

On the lookout for Moroccan recipes? We've got you covered with a wide variety of easy, tasty and nutritious options you’ll love.
20 recipes found
with Sweet Potato Mash & Green Salad
35 minutes3030 kJ
with Carrot Couscous & Tomato-Cucumber Salsa
30 minutes3200 kJ
with Green Risoni & Lemon Parsley Yoghurt
40 minutes2870 kJ
with Roasted Veggies & Lime Yoghurt
40 minutes2300 kJ
with Honey Roasted Pumpkin Couscous & Pickled Onion Salad
35 minutes2700 kJ
with Zucchini Pilaf
50 minutes2610 kJ
Explorerwith Couscous & Greek Yoghurt
40 minutes3010 kJ
Dinner To Lunchwith Couscous & Moroccan Beef for Lunch
55 minutes3730 kJ
with Couscous Tabbouleh & Yoghurt Dressing
30 minutes2470 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Parsley Couscous, Cucumber Salsa & Almonds
30 minutes2810 kJ
dinner to lunchWith a Moroccan Chicken Couscous Bowl for Lunch
55 minutes2360 kJ
with Citrus Yoghurt
40 minutes2220 kJ
BalancedNEW | Lean protein | Healthier Carbs | Packed with Veggies
35 minutes1810 kJ
with Zucchini Pilaf
40 minutes2400 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Salad & Tomato Chutney
45 minutes2110 kJ
with Spiced Chickpeas
50 minutes2380 kJ
with Basmati Rice and Slivered Almonds
40 minutes3020 kJ
with Mint Couscous
40 minutes2880 kJ
Explorerwith Lentil Rice & Cucumber Yoghurt
30 minutes2290 kJ
with Baby Spinach
40 minutes1930 kJ