Lebanese recipes

On the lookout for Lebanese recipes? We've got you covered with a wide variety of easy, tasty and nutritious options you’ll love.
23 recipes found
with Couscous Tabbouleh & Hummus Dressing
35 minutes3190 kJ
Explorerwith Fattoush Salad & Lemon Pepper Fries
40 minutes2870 kJ
with Hummus and Herby Yoghurt
30 minutes3210 kJ
with Green Beans and Jasmine Rice
35 minutes2940 kJ
25 minutes2520 kJ
40 minutes1360 kJ
with Fresh Couscous Salad
35 minutes3340 kJ
with Hummus & Roast Pumpkin
35 minutes4130 kJ
with Tahini Yoghurt
40 minutes2530 kJ
with Minted Yoghurt and Hummus
30 minutes2910 kJ
with Hummus Dressing
30 minutes2400 kJ
& Hummus
30 minutes2240 kJ
with Fried Cauliflower and Beetroot Tzatziki
30 minutes3260 kJ
with Tahini Yoghurt
35 minutes2750 kJ
with Tabouli Couscous & Tzatziki
35 minutes2960 kJ
& Crispy Onions
35 minutes2540 kJ