Greek recipes

On the lookout for Greek recipes? We've got you covered with a wide variety of easy, tasty and nutritious options you’ll love.
39 recipes found
with Spanakopita Risoni
30 minutes2440 kJ
with Pita Bread Salad & Dill Parsley Mayo
30 minutes2680 kJ
with Pita Bread Garden Salad
25 minutes2920 kJ
with Herbed Yoghurt Sauce
35 minutes2630 kJ
with Roasted Potatoes
35 minutes2140 kJ
with Sweet Potato, Spinach & Fetta Toss
35 minutes2180 kJ
with Roast Sweet Potato
35 minutes1970 kJ
with Roast Potato & Balsamic Veggies
45 minutes2610 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Lemon & Nutty Greens
55 minutes2450 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Cucumber Salad and Lemon-Yoghurt
35 minutes2900 kJ
with Greek-style Salad
35 minutes2570 kJ
with Ciabatta
40 minutes2120 kJ
with Golden Potatoes & Garlic Yoghurt Sauce
35 minutes2610 kJ
with Pita Salad & Tzatziki
30 minutes2060 kJ
with Homemade Tzatziki
20 minutes2830 kJ
with Quinoa
30 minutes2220 kJ
with Olive & Cucumber Salad
40 minutes2490 kJ
with Minted Yoghurt Sauce & Slivered Almonds
25 minutes2580 kJ
with Dressed Baby Spinach
45 minutes2210 kJ
with Yoghurt Dressing
40 minutes2760 kJ
with Green Pearl Barley & Parsley Oil
45 minutes3130 kJ
with Tzatziki
35 minutes3280 kJ
with Minted Yoghurt Sauce
30 minutes2760 kJ
20 minutes2600 kJ
with Silverbeet & Dukkah Salad
40 minutes1810 kJ
with Traditional Greek Salad
30 minutes1770 kJ