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Mediterranean recipes

On the lookout for Mediterranean recipes? We've got you covered with a wide variety of easy, tasty and nutritious options you’ll love.
55 recipes found
Vegetarianwith Potato Wedges
40 minutes3000 kJ
dinner to lunchwith Beef Kofta & Roast Veggie Rice Bowl for Lunch
45 minutes2320 kJ
with Golden Potato Wedges
40 minutes3110 kJ
with Couscous & Herby Yoghurt Sauce
35 minutes2360 kJ
with Chermoula Roasted Veggie Couscous
30 minutes2300 kJ
with Fetta & Flaked Almonds
35 minutes4080 kJ
with Pearl Couscous & Kalamata Olives
30 minutes3260 kJ
with Kalamata Olives & Fetta
30 minutes3390 kJ
with Roasted Veggies
30 minutes3770 kJ
Fresh & FastNEW | Pre-Prepped | Three Steps | Ready in 15
15 minutes3650 kJ
with Garlic Yoghurt
35 minutes2220 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Zesty Salsa
35 minutes3130 kJ
with Garlic Rice & Golden Pine Nuts
40 minutes3170 kJ
Fresh & FastNEW | Pre-Prepped | Three Steps | Ready in 15
15 minutes2590 kJ
Rapidwith Veggies & Pesto Aioli
30 minutes3350 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Roast Potatoes & Garlic Aioli
35 minutes2330 kJ
with Crunchy Pita Chip Tomato Salad & Garlic Aioli
35 minutes2500 kJ
Explorerwith Mediterranean Couscous and Zesty Yoghurt
35 minutes2070 kJ
Customer Favouritewith Herbed Fetta Pearl Couscous
35 minutes2840 kJ
Vegetarianwith Roasted Chickpeas & Fetta
35 minutes2300 kJ
Explorerwith Chargrilled Veggies & Fetta
30 minutes1920 kJ
with Fetta & Chargrilled Capsicum Dip
25 minutes2030 kJ