Meet the chef

All of our menus are overseen and developed by a dedicated HelloFresh team lead by Australia Founder Tom Rutledge. Tom’s a finalist on Masterchef and uses his inherent knowledge of food every day at HelloFresh, as he shows Australia that delicious food can be made using simple, healthy ingredients.


Tom’s approach to food is a product of a childhood on a farm. The big farmhouse kitchen was a constant source of inspiration and treats. And, beyond the kitchen - whether in the veggie patch, the chookshed, or the paddock - he developed a clear understanding of where everything came from, and the importance of that provenance. Every meal was living testimony to relationship between great ingredients and delicious meals.

HelloFresh Meet the Chef

The Foundation is great ingredients

This approach is distilled in the weekly menus of HelloFresh today. The foundation is great ingredients with good natural flavours (think garlic, ginger, chilli, herbs, spices). This is combined with the philosophy that weeknight cooking should be quick, relaxing, and by no means boring.

Tom is ably supported in this quest with co-conspirators for planning, recipe testing, menu writing, and photography. There’s even a consultant nutritionist. He’s not in Kansas anymore.

Every week, Tom and the team try to take you around the globe, teach you something new, and do all the boring bits (planning and shopping) so you can have all the fun! Their great strength is that they are all home cooks rather than TV chefs so they have a pretty good handle on what can be done in 30 minutes - and what is plain ridiculous!