Georgie's Kitchen

  • Spend more time creating great content and less time grocery shopping and meal planning!

  • Spend less time worrying about the quality of the food I am eating as I know HelloFresh only uses the best!

Why I love HelloFresh

  • Save money on grocery bills (no more buying food that I don’t eat!)

  • I know that I will always have enough to feed me and my husband!  
  • There are super simple step-by-step instructions for each meal which means I have become a total Master-Chef!

  • I love that I know I can always have my dinner ready in no time and will have all the ingredients.

How HelloFresh has changed dinner time...

  • Tim (my husband) and I get to spend more time together at night as we spend less time in the kitchen.

  • We always have different meals weekly which keeps things interesting and we love trying new recipes.

Mexican Style 

Beef Bake


Mex-style beef bake. I have never been the biggest Mexican fan until this recipe, I cannot get over how flavoursome it is!  Love that it is low carb too!

I've got you covered!

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