7 Reasons Why You Should Cook More

1. Cooking with HelloFresh could give you 6.4 extra days of free time a year.

According to a study conducted by HelloFresh and McCrindle Research, the average Australian spends around 153 hours a year grocery shopping. That’s 6.4 days! This includes driving there and back, finding parking and lining up at the checkout.

Services such as grocery and meal kit delivery will save you plenty of time, getting food on the table as quickly as possible.

According to a 2015 study at the University College London, one partner's healthier behaviour has been found to positively influence that of the other.

Finding a cooking partner, whether it’s your significant other or one of your buddies, can be a great way to encourage healthier eating habits for both of you.

A 2015 Cambridge University study found that people who cook at home more often consumed less calories, fat and sugar on average than those who barely cooked. 

You don't need to hire a personal nutritionist, although we did to create your recipes, which with full nutritional info can help you learn a lot more about what you eat.

2. Cooking at home is often more nutritious than ordering out.

3. Cooking together more often can reinforce better eating habits.

4. The more you cook, the more your palate and preferences can expand.

It's all just a matter of trying and tasting. Several papers have found that increased exposure to once disliked foods led to higher acceptance and enjoyment of them over time.

Train your palate up like a chef by finding more varied dishes on recipe sites and free apps.

5. Cooking can reduce food waste.

According to RaboDirect's 2016 Food & Farming Report, Australians waste $10 billion worth of food annually. That equates to $1,100 per household and 14% of each household’s weekly grocery spending.

Groceries overstock their shelves, with anything unsold lost to spoilage. Buying exact amounts means you not only waste less, but get exactly what you pay for!

6. Picky eaters can become less picky.

McCrindle & HelloFresh’s study also found that the most difficult consideration when cooking cited by Australians was catering to different tastes. Children being the most difficult to cook for was specifically cited by half the parents surveyed.

Introduce them to new flavours with quick and easy meals that are both child-friendly but a little bit adventurous!

When cooking, meals are on your terms. With HelloFresh, you set your schedule by choosing your delivery date and time.

If you're out on vacation, simply pause your delivery and enjoy your holidays! When you’re back, our insulated boxes keep your food cool and fresh for up to 24 hours.

You can choose from three recipes boxes: classic, veggie and family, for 2-4 people with 3-5 meals per week.

7. You're always in control.

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