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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

What do we love more than eating food?
Talking about food!

What do we love more than eating food? Talking about food!

Meet Betsy

A mother of three, Betsy has had over 100 HelloFresh boxes. HelloFresh works for her. As she puts it, "it takes away the two things I hate most about cooking - planning and shopping". With a husband who works long hours and a busy career of her own, not to mention kids and a dog to wrangle, Betsy loves that HelloFresh still allows her a chance to sit down and have a meal with her whole family.

The kids love it too. Once avoided, veggies like potato and carrot are gobbled up with delight. Knowing the meals are nutritionally balanced means Betsy can happily recommend the recipes to other mums: "My best friend in Canada and I share recipes, but only really extraordinary ones. Everyone in the family has to love it. I have to say, HelloFresh have made the list a few times. We loved the fish tacos. Even my 4 year old was a fan!"

Like all mums, Betsy wants the best for her family which is why she stands by a philosophy of real food. This philosophy is pretty simple: say no to pre-packed, pre-cooked and artificial meals, and instead say yes to healthy, real ingredients. HelloFresh seems to fit Betsy’s lifestyle and philosophy like a glove. As she summed up, “something really small can make a huge difference.” At Betsy's house, HelloFresh is doing just that.

Shannon's Story

Shannon started HelloFresh in 2014 so she and her husband could enjoy good home cooked meals without the stress of meal planning. When baby number 1 came along, followed closely by another little bundle of joy, they upgraded from the classic box to the family meal box.

The recipes they've cooked over their time with HelloFresh have quickly become family favourites - especially the Moreish Pumpkin Risotto with Bacon & Parmesan Cheese. Storing all of their favourite recipes in a folder has become a great way to simplify dinner time even more; "we've cooked the risotto for people at dinner parties - it was a hit!"

Shannon loves that every week with HelloFresh brings something different. "If it got boring, we would have stopped at some point, and it just never seems to get boring."

Watch this space to see more stories from the kitchens of HelloFreshers all over Australia.