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HelloFresh Christmas Box FAQs 2021

How much is the Christmas Box?

The Christmas Box is available in 3 sizes:
  • Small: 4-6 people for $199.99
  • Medium: 8-10 people for $299.99
  • Large: 12-14 people for $369.99

The Gourmet Cheese Box is an additional charge of $39.99

Can I cancel my Christmas Box delivery?

To ensure we deliver all Christmas boxes perfectly over the holiday season, all orders for Christmas boxes are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded. Once an order is placed, we confirm your order with our farmers and partners to make sure you have the perfect Christmas feast.

Will there be enough food to feed my family and friends?

The HelloFresh Christmas box comes in 3 sizes: Small for 4-6 people, Medium for 8-10 people or Large for 12-14 people. There will be plenty of food for your guests to feel happily satisfied!

How long will it take me to cook the Christmas feast?

All of our recipes are designed to be easy-to-follow and achievable whether you're cooking solo or with help. We estimate 3 and a half hours prep time the day before and an extra 3-4 hours on Christmas day with one person cooking. If you've got helpers, the time can be almost halved!

There are optional parts of each recipe that can be done the day before and all the information on what can be prepped in advance will be available in the Christmas cookbook you’ll receive in your box. We’ll also send you the preparation guide via email a week before your box is delivered so you know exactly what to expect!

What's in the HelloFresh Gourmet Cheese Box?

Add our HelloFresh Gourmet Cheese Box to your Christmas delivery for an extra special touch, to either start or finish your meal off spectacularly!
We've carefully selected a delicious variety of cheeses, crackers, dried fruits and nuts for your family and guests to enjoy:
If you order a Gourmet Cheese Box along with your Christmas Box, you'll receive a Cheddar, Blue Stilton, a French-Style Camembert and Brie, crackers, quince paste, apricots and pistachios.

When will my Christmas Box be delivered?

Your Christmas Box will be delivered on Wednesday December 22nd or Thursday December 23rd, depending where your chosen address is.
We will send you an SMS the day prior to your scheduled delivery to let you know which 3 hour delivery window you will be in.
If you're already a HelloFresh customer, please note that your Christmas Box delivery may differ from your usual weekly delivery time. To check when your box is scheduled, log in to your online account and click on the delivery calendar.

Do I need to have a HelloFresh subscription to get a Christmas Box?

Nope! The HelloFresh Christmas Box is a one-off order and delivery - no strings attached! When purchasing this product you will not be signed up to any subscription.
If you're an existing customer, you can either choose to receive your regular subscription box on Christmas week or skip this week by managing your account online or from the HelloFresh app.

What's the HelloFresh Christmas Box?

The HelloFresh Christmas Box is a special one-off delivery we have created for the Christmas season. It contains everything you need to prepare an amazing three-course Christmas feast to share with family or friends (including starters, ham, chicken, seasonal sides including roast vegetables and salads, and desserts.)
The box is available in 3 sizes (Small for 4-6 people, Medium for 8-10 people or Large for 12-14 people) and includes 3 courses complete with starters, mains & sides and dessert. There is a Gourmet Cheese Box available as an add-on too.
Deliveries will be made on either Wednesday December 22nd or Thursday December 23rd depending on your location.

Does my delivery address have to be my home address?

Nope! If you’re heading away for Christmas, you can provide your holiday home as your delivery address. Just make sure it’s in our delivery areas and that the delivery date is within your stay.

What pantry items will I need to prepare my Christmas feast?

  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • White wine vinegar
  • Butter
  • Plain flour
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Eggs